How spending time with grandchildren can keep you happy and healthy

If you’re lucky enough to have grandchildren, you will know how special it is to spend time with them, but did you know that doing so can be good for your health and happiness too?

Adult and grandchild

Children are little balls of energy, meaning they’ll keep you super active when you spend time with them. They need to be kept occupied so playing a game outside, going for a walk or visiting a local park does wonders for them, and also for you, as it gets you up and outside into the fresh air and getting some much needed exercise if you walk. It’s also great for social isolation as it allows you to chit chat with any other parents or grandparents who are out and about too.

Interacting with your grandchildren is mentally stimulating too, so great for improving mental wellbeing. They ask lots of questions and are always wanting to learn, as a grandparent there’s lots you can teach them, but there’s also lots they can teach you too, such as how to use new technology.

They also help to bring out your creative side and use your imagination a lot more. They have fantastic imaginations, so allowing yourself to be transported into their little worlds and playing along with their games is not only great fun, but lets you forget about any worries for a while.

Children also love to hear stories, so telling tales from your own childhood is great for reminiscence.

They might keep you on your toes and you might need a lie-down once they’ve gone home, but spending time with grandchildren is great for lifting your mood and all the benefits that come along with spending time with them will leave you feeling happier and more positive.