#GetGardening – planting strawberries in hanging baskets

If you’ve read our blog post about the benefits of gardening for the elderly or the benefits of gardening for people with dementia and it has inspired you or a loved-one to get out into the garden this year, then we’ve put together some simple tips on how to plant strawberries in a hanging basket.


You will need:

  • 35cm hanging basket with polythene lining on the base and sides
  • Four strawberry plants
  • Multi-purpose compost with added John Innes No. 3.


  • Make evenly placed holes in the polythene lining in the base and sides of the hanging basket
  • Fill the basket with compost, if you’re not taking the organic route add water retaining gel and some slow release feed granules.
  • Plant the strawberry plants evenly at the edge of the basket ensuring you firm the soil around the plant but don’t plant them too deep, the centre of the plant should be at soil level.
  • Hang the basket in a sheltered but sunny location and turn the basket regularly to ensure all the fruits receive an equal amount of sunshine.
  • Water well and frequently.

This is a relatively simple gardening job. A more mobile individual may be able to follow the instructions themselves, but older, less mobile individuals or those with conditions such as dementia, may need some assistance.