Father’s Day gifts for dads with dementia

Father’s Day takes place on Sunday, June 16 this year (2019) and we appreciate it can sometimes be tricky to know what gift to give your dad to show him how much he means to you. It can be especially difficult if your dad has a condition such as dementia. To help you out, we’ve put together some ideas for thoughtful and practical gifts you could give this year:

Father's Day

A copy of his favourite album

As we know music can be extremely beneficial for people with dementia, so you could gift your dad with a copy of his favourite album by his favourite band/artist. Listening to it can evoke memories and ease stress and tension. You could even sing-along together and it may spark a conversation about music tastes.


Research has shown that mentally challenging activities, such as doing a jigsaw puzzle, stimulates thinking and memory, which increases feelings of well-being, helps improve communication and interaction in people with dementia.

It’s an activity that can keep your loved-one occupied for hours and it’s also perfect to do together and helps stimulate conversation.

A trip to the cinema

Lots of cinemas around the country are now dementia-friendly and often host dementia-friendly screenings of films too. Staff receive dementia awareness training and the cinema is made more accessible in order to provide an inclusive experience for those with the condition.

Many cinemas show classic films that the older generation may remember from their younger years and the audience are allowed to move around and talk as they wish. It would be worth doing some research about your local cinema to see if they offer these screenings.

A copy of his favourite film

If you can’t make it to a cinema, then a DVD of his favourite film will be just as well received. Old films can bring back great memories from your dad’s youth and spark conversation. It’s also a nice idea to watch it together, as you’ll be able to get in some quality time together.

A family photo album

If you feel like getting crafty then you could put together a photo album of pics of you and your family throughout the years. The photos will be a great reminder for your dad of key moments and key people. It’s always a good idea to write everyone’s names under the photos and short descriptions of what was going on that particular day.