Tips for taking someone with dementia out on a day trip

It’s extremely important that people with dementia are able to go about their normal lives as much as possible, even if that means having a carer or family member or friend in tow to support them.

Day trip

We encourage our service users to remain as active as possible and many of them enjoy going out for the afternoon or for the day. If you have a loved-one with dementia that you would like to take out, but are apprehensive about doing so, then we have put together some top tips provided by our expert carers, that might help:

  • Try to pick a location that is familiar to your loved-one. Going somewhere new and completely different might cause your loved-one to become nervous or anxious, so if they see something they recognise, this will settle them
  • Don’t tell your loved-one about the trip too far in advance as this gives them too much to overthink and become anxious about it. Leave it until the day of the trip, but make sure they have ample time to get themselves ready and aren’t rushed
  • Try to visit at a quieter time of day so there are less distractions around for your loved-one
  • Visit somewhere with open space or somewhere with an outdoors café where you can have more room

If you’re going out for a meal with a person with dementia, then you can follow our top tips on making your evening as stress free as possible here.