#GetGardening – gardens to encourage butterflies

This week in our #GetGardening series, we’re letting you know all about the plants that encourage butterflies and other insects to the garden.


Butterflies are fans of simple, open blooms and these can include bedding plants, perennials, flowering shrubs and bulbs, so there’s plenty to choose from if you’re planning some butterfly friendly planting schemes this summer.

These nectar-rich flowers are the equivalent of snack bars for butterflies, moths and bees. They serve up the invaluable food beneficial insects need for energy.

You should choose a range of suitable plants with different flowering periods to ensure there’s something in bloom throughout spring, summer and autumn for the butterflies to feed from.

Plants that butterflies love:


This is a hardy and reliable shrub available in dwarf and compact varieties that are perfect for pots or tiny spaces with flowers in colours from pink and white to blue, lavender, magenta and deep purple.

Rudbeckia and Echinacea

Some of the best flowering perennials provide long-lasting displays, with a succession of flowers opening over several months.


They look great and provide welcome nectar for butterflies throughout the summer months


This plant has flowers into the autumn to feed Small Tortoiseshell and other late-flying butterflies as they prepare for hibernation.

Additional information with thanks to the HTA.