Alfred pens poem to thank his carers

Our service user, Alfred Tubb, from Killay has thanked his carers who look after him with an original poem.

Alfred Tubb

The 96-year-old is looked after by our carers Kelly Barrow, Beverley Davies, Jayne Williams, Kimberley Corrick and Daniele Thomas and is able to remain independent at home because of their care.

We were extremely impressed with Alfred’s poem. It is especially impressive that he handwrote it himself and we’re proudly displaying it in our office.

It is feedback like this from our service users that makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile and we’re super proud of all of our care staff as they really do go above and beyond every day.

Alfred said: “I look forward to the days my carers pay me a visit as they are extremely friendly, kind and most of all, supportive, and I wanted to write the poem to show my heartfelt thanks to them and to let them know just how much I appreciate them.”

Alfred’s poem ‘Angels of Care’:

I did put it off, but needs must,

And as the years crept by

I accepted the inevitable,

My girls said, Dad

You must be mad

Care is to be had,

You can have help

So, I agreed

And indeed

I met my angels of care,

Girls I bantered with

To obscure the embarrassment

Of being dressed from bare

But they most truly are

Angels of care

And, my dear friends.

Kimberley, who is one of Alfred’s carers, said: “Myself and the other carers were so touched by Alfred’s poem. We thoroughly enjoy visiting Alfred on our calls, he has become much more than a service user to us, he is a great friend.

“It is people like him that really make this job so rewarding and I would highly recommend anyone considering a position in the industry to go for it. Caring has become more than a job for me, it’s become a vocation in life. I’ve not only met fantastic people like Alfred, but I also work with a supportive, helpful and friendly team too.”