We’re warning people against using untrained carers

We’re concerned thousands of elderly and vulnerable people are being cared for by untrained staff after it was revealed experts fear 500,000 inexperienced carers are advertising services online (July, 2019).


Our service users are in safe hands with ours fully trained carers and anyone seeking care for themselves or a loved-one should always use a licensed care company.

It is worrying to read that many unlicensed and unskilled people are caring for the elderly and vulnerable and this gives a bad name to the care industry and those of us who are fully invested in full training and qualifications for carers.

We would recommend anyone in need of care approach a proper, licenced care company, such as ourselves. While people can apply for a care worker position with us without having any previous experience, we ensure they are given a comprehensive training schedule, which includes a company induction, dementia awareness, enablement, first aid, health and safety, food safety, infection control, medication, person centred care and moving and handling service user training.

Our training rooms are fully equipped so a carer can see a typical service user environment and familiarise themselves with how things work.

Our new carers take on five full days of training and go on to work shadow shifts alongside our most experienced carers. Only when a supervisor feels both parties are confident that the care work can be carried out to an excellent level, will the new carer be signed off and able to work on their own with service users.

As well as full training, new recruits are also offered the opportunity to achieve Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) after the initial three months probationary period.

We’re proud that our carers are so highly trained as it ensures a consistent delivery of care and improved standards and because of the training and opportunities for career advancement that are available, our carers feel supported in their jobs too.

Being a carer is a highly skilled, professional vocational occupation that is essential to the fabric of our society and the beauty of a job for life means people can start at the very bottom and work their way up with training and qualifications.

In today’s changing world of employment, we pride ourselves on being able to offer long-term job security and career prospects.

New recruits are given free uniforms, access to national staff discount scheme for all major brands as well as 28 days paid holiday, paid travel between calls and paid mileage.

We also offer FaceTime or Skype interviews to candidates in order to meet the demands of the modern jobseeker. Our view is that busy people wanting a career change can ‘meet’ the team via FaceTime or similar applications and find out about the roles it has to offer, as well as meet a couple of team members and, if they are about, also say ‘hello’ to a carer too.