Alzheimer’s Society launches Dementia Superheroes scheme

It can be very difficult for a person to receive a diagnosis of dementia and it can be equally as upsetting and confusing for their family too.

Alzheimer’s Society launches Dementia Superheroes scheme

It is hard enough for adults to understand the diagnosis, but it’s even more tricky and upsetting if you have to explain to a child that their loved-one has the condition and why they might be behaving differently, which is why we’re big supporters of the Alzheimer’s Society’s new Dementia Superheroes scheme.

The Alzheimer’s Society has created a series of comic books featuring superhero characters, Violet Volunteer, Sophia Scientist and Carl Carer, who all help make life easier for people with the condition.

The comics are intended to make dementia less scary to children by presenting it in cartoon form and helping to raise understanding and awareness while teaching them more about the volunteers, scientists and carers who help people with dementia.

The comics can be ordered by parents for their children in exchange for a donation to the charity. They also contain activities and collectible cards.

We think the comic books are a great way to help young children understand dementia and make it much less scary. It also raises a great awareness of people, aside from family, who can help their loved-one, giving them some reassurance. They might even like to get some ideas from the books of ways that they can help and comfort their loved ones too.

You can sign up to receive a monthly comic for your child at