Care work will always be available

We are reassuring our current and future staff about the stability of our care work after it was revealed that a new home care model has been proposed by Gwynedd Council (August, 2019).

Elderly man

The new model would see private care companies, like us, put themselves forward to take on some of the care services in the area.

After two years of discussions, it’s recently been revealed that Gwynedd Council wants private companies to help run its home care service. The authority is moving ahead with talks to establish a new model of providing and commissioning home care, which would see the council continuing to provide at least half of the services alongside external specialist companies.

We have provided care services across Bangor and the surrounding areas since 2008 and our team does an absolutely fantastic job, so we want to reassure everyone who currently works for us and who might be thinking about joining us, that care work with us will always be available, whether we provide it as part of the new home care model or not.

There will always be jobs available in the sector as care is simply always needed thanks to the ageing population.

The most important thing is that people who need care receive an excellent service and are made to feel happy and secure in their own homes. If private care companies can come together with the council to provide this, then it can only be a positive.