National Library of Wales launches free resources for people with dementia

As part of its ‘Living Memory’ scheme, the National Library of Wales has launched new, free resources to help the stimulate memories of older people and those living with dementia.


Volunteers have collaborated with the health and social care sectors in Wales to identify which of the Library’s graphical and audio-visual collections, such as old photographs and films, would work to stimulate memories.

It has now produced free resources for other public libraries and those working in the field of elderly care and mental health care. The resources include a DVD of films presented in themes such as leisure, places, rural life, the seaside and war.

There are also printed photographs as well as a USB memory stick and an e-book that people can use to view the films and photographs.

You can visit to view the themed e-books and if you are a carer or have an elderly friend or family member, we would recommend contacting your local library to get hold of these free resources. You can also contact the National Library of Wales via or call 01970 632 991 or 01970 632 424.

It’s great that resources like these can be freely available and not only for care organisations like us, but also to the general public, who might otherwise struggle to find things to help with reminiscence.

Looking at photos and video or listening to music can be a great help for people with dementia when it comes to trying to access forgotten memories. Triggering treasured memories can stimulate conversation, and in turn can improve a person with dementia’s relationship with their families and carers and help improve their quality of life.