Activities to do with the elderly on Silver Sunday

Sunday, October 6 is Silver Sunday, a dedicated day to celebrate older people, recognise their contribution to their communities and help them get out and about and meet new people.

Activities to do with the elderly on Silver Sunday

The day was launched in 2012 by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation and Westminster City Councillor Christabel Flight, after a report discovered more than a third of people over the age of 75 said they were lonely.

We want to encourage everyone to spend quality time with elderly friends, family or neighbours and make sure they feel valued.

It could be a simple gesture such as popping in to say ‘hello’ and stopping for a cup of tea and a chat, or you could dedicate an entire day to your loved-one to make them feel extra special.

We’ve come up with some ideas for activities and things you can do together:

Go for a walk together

A great activity for keeping you and your elderly loved-one mobile. It also allows you to get some much-needed fresh air. There’s also lots of time for nattering along the way. You can read about the benefits of walking for the elderly here.

Bake together

Ideal for helping keep your elderly loved-one focused and a great way to share fond memories of past bakes and share family recipes. Baking is also a great activity to do with someone with dementia – find out how it can help here.

Attend a coffee morning or community group get-together

These are a good way for the elderly to socialise. Seek out local ones in your area and pop along with your elderly loved-one. If you can, take other elderly folk in the neighbourhood too. It could become a regular trip for your loved-one and something for them to look forward to each week or month.


Fishing is a great outdoors activity for an older person. They can spend lots of time outdoors and potentially walk away with something for dinner too! It’s great for social interaction, as they can chat to other fishermen or women, or take a buddy or family member along with them. Sitting calmly and watching the world go by while you wait for a catch is great for mental wellbeing and relaxing. Don’t forget to wrap up warm if the weather isn’t favourable.

Spend the day at home

What’s important about Silver Sunday is spending quality time with an elderly person. This can be done at home if getting out and about is difficult. You could do some crafting at home, complete puzzles, play board games or sift through family photo albums.