Get Gardening – winter container colour

There’s just as much opportunity to get gardening in the winter as there is in the summer. Winter doesn’t need to mean no colour in your garden, as you can still plant up containers and hanging baskets with lots of lovely plants.


As part of our #GetGardening series, we’ve popped our handy hints below on achieving the best winter container colour:

  • Plants you can use in your winter containers/hanging baskets include ivy, dwarf conifers, dwarf shrubs, winter-flowering pansies, hardy primulas and polyanthus.
  • You can add spring flowering bulbs to your containers or baskets in order to extend your display into the springtime – dwarf daffodil varieties can be planted below pansies. Don’t worry about them being covered as they will find a way through.
  • Don’t forget to add a controlled-release fertiliser to your creations. You should also remember to water your plants. They won’t need the same amounts as summer plants, but they can still get dry in the winter months.
  • For the edges of containers try planting crocus, dwarf iris, muscari or snowdrops. Group these in threes or fives to give an impact.

Combinations of all the plants mentioned will give you beautiful colour throughout the darkest months of winter. There’s nothing better than looking out into the garden on a miserable winter day and seeing lots of pretty flowers. They’re also very straightforward to plant and care for too.

Keep checking back for more helpful tips on gardening during the autumn and winter months.

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