New musical map of dementia launched

Music can be a huge help for people with dementia. No matter what genre, it can soothe, stimulate and trigger forgotten memories for many people. You can read our blog post about its benefits here.

New musical map of dementia launched

We were thrilled when Music for Dementia 2020 launched to promote the benefits of music for those with the condition. Now the website has also launched a helpful map of musical support.

In June, 2019 The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recognised the importance of music therapy in its guidance on quality standards in dementia care.

A report found there are community-based dementia-friendly music offerings available. However, individuals and their families are not clear on where to find these services.

Thanks to the map, people will now be able to easily find them. They can put their postcode into the website to search for services local to them. These include music therapy sessions, singing groups and choirs and music groups as well as discos.

Charities who provide these types of services can also contribute to the map.

Grace Meadows, Programme Director at Music for Dementia 2020 said on “Music for people living with dementia isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity. I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of music in helping transform people’s lives.

“In every corner of the country there are talented people delivering musical services that can alleviate the often-distressing symptoms of dementia, such as agitation, apathy and anxiety but it’s vital people know where they are and how to access them.”

The map is available at