We welcome news that young are keen on care

We are looking to attract more under 30s into the industry in Wales. A recent report revealed the young are most likely to consider a social care career (October, 2019).

Young are keen on care

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) recently surveyed 2,020 people in England and found half of people aged 18-24 (57%) and 25-34 (56%) would consider changing career for a position that supported others.

Employing young people

Younger people have a great deal to offer and we want to recruit kind, caring and honest youngsters.

Care represents a good, solid and secure career with training and advancement prospects for life. We have an ageing population who will need looking after, which means an additional 580,000 workers are required by 2035.

The survey is part of the next phase of the department’s ‘When you care, every day makes a difference’ adult social care recruitment campaign. It aims to attract people into the sector.

Minister for Care, Caroline Dinenage, said: “We have over a million brilliant people working in the sector, but we urgently need new talent to ensure we can continue to provide support for those who need it.”

The average age of those working in adult social care is 45-years-old. More than 385,000 jobs are held by people aged 55 who are likely to retire in the next 10 years.

The analysis also found 59% would consider moving roles to a job which offers more personal fulfilment. Sixty-five-percent of parents with dependent children would consider a role in adult social care.

Millennials are given a hard time and have a bad reputation when it comes to work. They’re labelled self-centred and workshy, so it’s fantastic to hear that many are keen to pursue a caring role.

Apply with us!

We welcome people of all ages to apply for our positions but would encourage any young people out there considering giving care work a go, to get in touch now as we have vacancies to fill today and we provide all the on-the-job training necessary.