#GetGardening – attracting wildlife to your garden

At this time of year there is much less to be doing in the garden, but don’t think that means you can’t still enjoy it. As part of our #GetGardening series, we’re giving you some tips on other ways you can enjoy the garden this winter.

attracting wildlife to your garden

The wildlife that visit our gardens will be needing extra help to keep them going during the colder days and nights. If you put out food and provide shelter, they will repay you by visiting more often and it’s fascinating to watch them go about their business.

Much like birdwatching, wildlife watching is very mentally beneficial. It’s not physically demanding either, so is great for anyone who is elderly or less mobile. You can read about the benefits of birdwatching here.

Here’s a few ways you can help wildlife in your garden this year:

  • Leave out high energy foods such as fat balls for birds to help build their energy reserves for long migrations or winter survival
  • Clean out bird boxes with boiling water as they can harbour parasites. If you don’t have any bird boxes in your garden, why not install some?
  • Encourage hedgehogs to your garden with dry or tinned meat-based pet food and a bowl of water. To protect the food from cats and foxes, use a cover with a small entrance.
  • Plant berberis, honeysuckle and pyracantha, as these produce berries for birds and badgers
  • Allow mature ivy in your garden to flourish. Honeybees rely heavily on it and up to 89% of pollen is collected from its flowers
  • Cut a hole in the side of an old washing up bowl and fix a drainpipe as an entrance. Turn upside down and you’ve got yourself a hedgehog home