Knitted cannula sleeves launched for dementia patients

We were thrilled to hear that the UK’s first dementia-friendly ambulances had been launched recently.

Now it’s been revealed that knitted dementia cannula sleeves have been issued to the Welsh Ambulance Service for the first time.

Knitted cannula sleeves launched for dementia patients

The sleeves have been handmade by volunteers at Handmade for Dementia. They will be used to help keep patients calm and stop them from pulling needles from their arms during treatment.

Handmade for Dementia was founded by Sharon Holdstock in 2016. She started ‘twiddle mitts’ before designing the cannula sleeves following a suggestion from a retired District Nurse.

Hospital treatment can be scary for anyone, but for people with dementia it can be especially confusing and cause anxiety. They can often hold on to these emotions and if they have to receive treatment again in future, they can resurface.

The sleeves follow a copyrighted pattern and undergo risk assessment before being donated to the NHS.

People of any knitting ability can make the sleeves if they would like to show their support, however they must first join the group’s Facebook page for instructions.

We are always very glad to hear about any initiatives to help people with the condition. Just making life that little bit easier and less worrying for them, can really help. We know many of our service users benefit hugely from any support like this.

It also helps to raise awareness among the general public. We hope to see sleeves rolled-up and rolled out across the whole of England and Wales soon.