Games to play with people with dementia

You might believe that playing games isn’t an option for a person with dementia. However, if chosen carefully, there are lots of games out there that they can still enjoy.

Games to play with people with dementia

Playing these games gives your loved one an opportunity to concentrate. It also allows you to focus on them and give them your time.

They can also help create discussion and build confidence, and can be enjoyed together and with other family members.

Connect 4

The familiarity of Connect 4 means it’s another great game to play with a person with dementia. The bright colours should help them differentiate between theirs and the other player’s counters and there’s no worries if they mess up a line as everyone does it! The game can be restarted as many times as they like too.

Snakes and ladders

Snakes and ladders is a simple game that is ideal for people with dementia. The different colours also make the board easy to see and there are versions available with larger pieces and dice.


Bingo is well known across the country, so your loved one may be familiar with it already. The game focuses on cognition and provides a good level of mental stimulation. It also helps hand-eye coordination.

You don’t just have to stay at home to play bingo either. There are bingo halls up and down the country. You can read about the benefits of bingo and find your local hall by reading our blog post here.


The black and white colours of dominoes can be very striking for a person with dementia. The concept of the game is also easy and can be enjoyed with two or more players.

Call to Mind

Developed by an Occupational Therapist, Call to Mind has been specially designed for people in early to mid-stages of dementia. It helps spark conversations, recall memories and stimulates reminiscence through matching an image and answering a question.