Carer spotlight: Scott Renney

Scott Renney - AbacareCarer: Scott Renney

Specialism: Scott followed in his mum’s footsteps and joined the team as a care giver.

Branch: RCT

He said: “I was thrilled to have joined the team at Abacare as a care giver and to follow in my mum’s footsteps. She has always talked about how much of a rewarding job it is and seeing her build a career for herself has been an inspiration.

“It’s definitely something I want to do, and I am looking forward to the many challenges and opportunities this job will bring in the future.”

Scott’s mum Debbie said: “I have worked at Abacare since 2016 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company. It is a great place to work and it gives fantastic job satisfaction. I have made some real friends for life in my colleagues and the service users I care for.

“It takes a special kind of person to be a care giver and I knew Scott fitted the description of our ideal care giver, so I recommended him through the refer-a-friend scheme. It is a fantastic incentive for staff, and I hope to see Scott go on to carve a career for himself like I have done.”