Improve your lifestyle to help reduce risk of dementia

In the spirit of the New Year you might be thinking about what lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your dementia risk and ensure you’re happier and healthier in 2020. This could be anything from changing your diet to getting in more exercise.

Improve your lifestyle to help reduce risk of dementia

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond, it’s changes like this that can really help reduce your risk of developing dementia as you get older. It’s never too late to make healthier choices too.

Start moving

You’re never too old to take up exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise, five times a week can help reduce the risk of vascular-related dementia. It also helps improve balance, mobility, muscle strength and reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. It also helps maintain blood pressure levels. You can read more about the benefits of exercise here.

Some great ideas of exercises to try are: Thai Chi, swimming, yoga and lifting weights.

Eat well

We have lots of tips and advice on the blog for eating well here. A healthy, balanced diet can help reduce your risk of dementia as well as lots of other conditions.

You should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and fish or omega-3 rich foods at least twice a week. You should also try and reduce your salt and sugar intake.

Keep your mind active

As well as your body, you’ll need to exercise your mind. This can be done via many activities, including puzzles, chess, crosswords or quizzes. You could even try learning a new language, playing card games or board games. Video games are also great for keeping the brain active.

Get a free NHS health check

NHS Wales offers a free ‘Add to Your Life’ health check to help you live longer, feel better and stay healthy and active. You can visit and sign up to start your assessment. The service will give you an overall picture of your health and wellbeing. It will also give you expert advice and information and provide a plan to improve your health.