Beating the January blues

At this time of year lots of us will be suffering from the ‘January blues’ thanks to the lack of daylight and the post-Christmas come down. It’s often a time of year where there is not much to look forward to and energy levels can become low.

Beating the January blues

Here are our top five tips to help boost your energy levels and your feeling of well-being and happiness this January:

Have a nap

According to research by NASA, a 10-20-minute power nap can improve your alertness by 100% and your productivity by 30%.

Get outdoors

Two of the body’s main energy sources are light and fresh air. A bracing walk or a spot of gardening can really help reduce stress and boost energy levels. Don’t forget to read our blog post on how gardening can help the elderly.

Flick the switch on stress

Stress drains your body of energy. When you’re stressed your body produces adrenaline and that raises you heart rate. The blood flow to your muscles increases and your breathing quickens. Try putting everything into perspective and focus on the things in life that really matter and forget the rest of it. Read our top tips on reducing stress here.


A ‘lifestyle exercise’ like digging in the garden can help release endorphins, which are hormones that induce a state of euphoria.

Sleep well

Do things like jigsaws before bedtime to help take your mind off any worries before you go to sleep. Focusing on the small pieces and finding a place for them is a great way to wind down. Read our top tips on improving your sleep here.