The benefits of fidget spinners for the elderly

Fidget spinners have been hugely popular since 2017 with children and even adults regularly play with them to keep their hands and minds occupied.

Fidget spinners for the elderly

They are small, flat, hand-held items with a ball bearing in the centre. These toys are designed to spin easily between the user’s fingers or on a flat surface.

Like most trends, their popularity with children has waned. However, they’ve become more popular among elderly people and those with dementia.

People with the condition can often experience fidgeting behaviour. They may feel the need to be engaged and this can often be done with puzzles, crafting and other activities that keep the mind focused.

Fidget spinners are another toy that dementia patients should have in their arsenal. If someone is feeling agitated, they can be used to help soothe them and give them something to focus on.

As they are so small, they fit into the hand perfectly. They’re ideal for using to strengthen muscles in the hands and fingers and help reduce stiffness in joints. Perfect for anyone suffering with arthritis.

The spinners come in a variety of colours and they are also small and discreet, so can be used without them being a distraction to others.

If your grandchild was into the craze when it first came around, they might have one still laying around somewhere. You could get together and they might even be able to show you a few tricks.

You may also be able to pick up the toy at charity shops.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the fidget spinner, check out our blog all about the Fidget Widget toolkit created especially for people with dementia.