What qualities make a good carer?

The demand for care is growing as our population ages.

What qualities make a good carer?

According to Reed.co.uk more than 1.6million people work in the adult social care industry in the UK. This number is expected to increase by more than 40% by 2035.

But what is it that makes a person a good carer? We’ve jotted down the most important qualities we look for when hiring a carer to join our team.


Being respectful to service users, members of the public and other staff members is an absolute must. Each service user has their own individual needs and requirements that should be respected and met. Being respectful can help those you look after feel happy and comfortable in your presence.


Patience is needed in many aspects of care work. Certain tasks could take longer than expected, a service user could struggle to complete tasks and need additional help. Being patient can be key to keeping service users and other staff members calm.


In a carer we look for a professional manner and someone who can provide the excellent standard of care we are well-known for. A positive tone of voice and a smile goes a long way with our service users.


Being an organised person is a quality we often look for in carers. Being a carer can be a very busy job, so you need to be able to organise yourself and keep good time management. You can read our tips on time management here.

Care and compassion

Most importantly, to work in care, you need to be a caring and compassionate individual. Service users may wish to share their thoughts and feelings with you and to know that you care and are happy to listen is a huge comfort to them.

If you recognise these qualities in yourself, then you’re the sort of person we’re looking for. You can find out all about our care jobs on offer here.