Wales’ retail redundant can transfer skills

Shopworkers from Wales can transfer their skills to care after it was revealed more than 125,000 retail job losses are predicted nationwide this year (2020).


Experts claim high street retailers are facing a terrible year ahead with more than 7,000 store closures anticipated says Abacare, which provides care to elderly and vulnerable individuals across Wales.

The Centre for Retail Research expects chains with 10 or more shops to shut 6,865 stores this year, leading to 126,360 redundancies. This is almost double the amount of 3,303 stores closed and 62,395 redundancies made in 2018.

In 2019 Mothercare staff found out the news that all stores would close, including ones in Wales and Bon Marché collapsed into administration, with staff not knowing how many jobs will be lost or when stores will close.

Meanwhile, the high street is seeing other worrying trends with the John Lewis Partnership warning bonuses may be in doubt for staff, as it revealed a fall in festive sales. These are worrying times for anyone working in retail on the high street, but all is not lost.

We’re urging anyone made redundant from a customer-facing role to get in touch with us immediately, as skills gained in retail are in high demand in our sector.”

Those losing positions at major high street retailers should join the homecare sector, as a job in care can be a role for life for the right candidate.

Many people believe that the skills they’ve learnt in a certain industry means they’re restricted when it comes to seeking new employment, but we want to let them know that this simply isn’t true as many of the skills they already have can be adapted for a brand new industry, such as care.

People who work in retail for example have excellent customer service skills and know how to treat customers with respect and they are super helpful and friendly, and these are just some of the skills that our carers need when visiting our service user’s homes. Being trustworthy, organised, punctual and reliable as well as being able to undertake admin tasks are some great skills that are transferrable between industries.

We are offering the right candidates secure employment in the care industry, which can often mean a job for life. They’ll be able to bring all the experience they’ve acquired into the industry as well as gain much more through training.