Apply for care jobs via social media

We are making the search to find a job easier for those who are time poor by allowing jobseekers to contact us via social media about positions and have a casual chat with us.

Social media

We are looking for kind, compassionate and caring individuals to join our team.

In this fast-paced, modern world, many people don’t often have the time to sit down and create a CV or fill in a traditional job application form, so we’re making the job application process much easier.

Get in touch!

Anyone can drop us a message via our Facebook pages if they’re interested in the care industry and believe they’ve got what it takes to be a carer. We’ll discuss why they think they’re right for a position and what they can offer, and we’ll also tell them all about us and what a career in care is like. It will be very relaxed and chatty.

While potential candidates are on our social media pages, they’ll be able to get an insight into what working for us is like. We post regular internal news and behind-the-scenes updates about staff and service users. We also run monthly competitions for staff in order to reward effort and progress. We have created a real online hub for people to interact with each other and job seekers can get a real feel for what the team is like.

Potential candidates will receive a response via social media and may be invited for an interview.

If we see potential in people, we’ll invite them to an interview and this can be done traditionally at our offices, or via FaceTime or similar applications for those with busy schedules or who might not be able to get to our offices because of other commitments.

Speaking virtually face-to-face with candidates can give an interviewer a better understanding of the applicant. By doing this as a first-round interview, it can help the hiring team narrow down who will make it to the second round, more so than via a phone interview.

We also realise this is quite an innovative way to interview and, of course, it relates just to the initial interview stage of the process, and gives the applicant the chance to see us and find out about what we do before even may be taking their application further. It’s very much a way of us being able to showcase what we can offer potential employees too, so it’s not just about the candidate being under the spotlight.

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