Carer spotlight: Georgina Beesley

Georgina Beesley

Branch: Newtown 

Specialism: Georgina joined us in May 2014 as a carer.

She was selected as our Carer of the Month for February 2020 at our Newtown branch.

The 42-year-old said: “I love my job as I find it very rewarding. I go home every day with great job satisfaction knowing that I’ve done my best to help our service users and their families. I certainly wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I work with a great bunch of carers and office staff behind-the-scenes. We always have each other’s backs through good and bad times. They were all incredibly supportive when I lost my partner, Gary, who was also a carer. They truly pulled me through the hard times.

“I was thrilled to be named Carer of the Month and to be recognised for my work, even though I am simply just doing my job.”