Gardening during a pandemic – seed potatoes

We’re encouraging the people of Wales to stay safely at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and take up gardening.


A lot of mail order companies and local garden centres are still operating and delivering while maintaining social distancing rules, allowing people to stay safely in their own home.

If you’re taking up gardening while staying at home, you could be starting to think about growing your own potatoes.

Good Friday is traditionally the last day for getting your seed spuds in, however, it’s not too late as it is still Ok to plant them throughout April.

Why grow your own spuds?

  • It’s very rewarding digging up your own fresh potatoes and eating them.
  • Fresh potatoes are tastier than shop bought ones.
  • If you grow your own, you can select unusual varieties to try and we even sell individual seed potatoes so it’s easier than ever to try a few different types.
  • If you’re short on space, they are easy to grow in containers and as above we can provide you with a couple of seed potatoes to use so you don’t have to buy a large quantity.

Where to plant them?

  • Veg beds, a veg patch and containers on a patio are all good places for potatoes to flourish.
  • You can grow them in upended growbags with drainage holes made in the bottom too.
  • They like a sunny spot too.

Check back next week for more top tips and please share your garden pictures with us on social media using the hashtag #keepcalmandgetreadytogarden.