We’re welcoming extra funding for adult social care providers from Welsh government

We are welcome the recent (May, 2020) announcement from the Welsh government of an extra £40 million to support adult social care services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 Hardship Fund

The funding will be allocated through the new Covid-19 ‘hardship fund’ and authorities will work with adult social care providers to disperse the funds to cover basic PPE (personal protective equipment), food, staffing costs and ICT.

Adult social care services, including companies like ours, which provide care to elderly and vulnerable individuals in their own homes, are at the frontline and, while we’re coping well, we’re under a huge strain.

Services like ours are alleviating additional pressures on the NHS and its resources, which we know are being tested to the limit at the moment. Our role is to maintain people’s health in the comfort of their own homes and to keep them safe.

The additional PPE needed and the extra staff we are hiring all comes at a cost, so we welcome the recent announcement from Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething of an extra £40 million to support us and other adult social care services, and those we look after. It’s also great to hear that, after reviews, there may be the potential to make further funds available in future too.