Ashlee treats caring hands with donation of hand creams

Ashlee Bevan from Forden near Welshpool is helping ensure the hands of our frontline care workers are kept well moisturised with donations of hand creams.

Hand cream

The 32-year-old donated 15 Body Shop hand creams to carers at our Newtown branch.

Ashlee said: “I am a Body Shop At Home consultant and wanted to do my bit to help the carers in my local area who are working tirelessly to provide essential care to the elderly and vulnerable. I understand just how hard they are working at the moment as my mum, Julie, is a carer for Abacare.

“All of the carers always ensure they have clean hands when attending to any service users, but now with the restrictions the amount of handwashing and sanitising has stepped up a gear, and as they see so many people in their own homes, their poor hands are becoming sore and dry.

“They are doing fantastic work and I wanted to do something to help, so I called on my local friends, family and people that often buy Body Shop products from me online, and asked if people would donate towards the purchasing of hand creams for the carers. I had a great response and lots of people donated, so I was able to supply the staff with hand creams to help keep their hands in tip top condition. If it means just one less thing for them to worry about at this time, then it’s all worth it.”

Kelly Butler, Carer at our Newtown branch, said: “We are so grateful to Ashlee and her customers for the very kind donation of hand creams to all our care staff.

“We are working extremely hard doing invaluable work supporting those most in need, while, also, protecting the NHS, so a lot of us don’t have much time for popping to get things such as hand creams, so it’s very kind of everyone to think about things like this for us.”