Staying positive during lockdown

For people of any age it’s extremely difficult to stay positive during such a worrying and uncertain time, and even more so for the elderly and vulnerable.


We’ve put together some top tips on staying positive during the lockdown that you can use or pass on to elderly relatives, neighbours or friends.

Stick to a routine

Following a routine can help keep your day structured. You’ll know what to expect of the day and won’t have hours of unfilled time where your mind can potentially wander into more negative thoughts. Try fitting a walk or some time outdoors, following safe social distancing rules, into your routine too to help you have something to look forward to.

Keep in touch

It is so important to keep in touch with family and friends at the moment. Here’s some of our helpful methods of keeping in touch with elderly friends and family.

If you’re elderly relative or neighbour isn’t so tech savvy, they could always go down the old-fashioned route of a simple telephone call or writing letters to their nearest and dearest.

Savour small moments

The key to staying positive is to savour small moments throughout the day that bring you joy. It could be the sun rise, good weather, a cosy moment on the sofa or maybe the kind help of a relative or neighbour. When you look back on your day, remember these for a boost of serotonin, which makes you happy.

You could even keep a lockdown journal and write all these moments down to look back on in years to come.

Clap for carers

The nation has been standing on its doorstep and clapping at 8pm every Thursday during the pandemic. If you are mobile enough, why not take part? It’s very uplifting to see everyone in your neighbourhood showing their appreciation. It’s also a small event each week that you can look forward to. You might be able to chat to other people, from a safe distance of course.

Keep your hands busy

Keeping your hands busy doing puzzles, crochet, knitting, drawing/colouring and other similar hobbies is a great way to stay occupied. It also helps keep your mind busy and focused, leaving you in a more positive mood. Now is the best time to pick up a new hobby.

Get into the garden

Now more than ever we have realised the importance of our own back gardens, balconies, plots or patios. We’re actively encouraging everyone to take up gardening during the pandemic and it’s not too late to do so. Many garden centres have re-opened with social distancing measures in place, however if you can’t or don’t want to visit them, many are still offering local delivery services.