Tips to sleep well during lockdown

You might be finding it harder to sleep during the current lockdown restrictions. There’s lots of uncertainty around at the moment, which could be making it difficult for you to switch off.


Not getting a full night’s sleep can affect how you function the next day.

Our carers know it’s super important to be well-rested before tackling a day of care work. They have put together some top tips and tricks to help you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

If you have an elderly loved-one who is finding it hard to sleep, why not pass these on to them to try too?

You could try introducing these tips each day over the course of a week and see what works best.

Wind down

In the hour or two before bed, you should start to try and wind down. You could try taking a bath or listening to some calming music or try some breathing exercises.

You should not consume any caffeine four hours before bedtime. Instead, why not try a herbal tea?

Turn off technology

You should switch off devices at least 30 minutes before bed. You should also stop watching TV at least 30 minutes before bed too. You could try reading a couple of chapters of a book instead.

Make sure there aren’t any mobile phones or other devices in the bedroom while you sleep as they can still be a temptation to switch on and use.

Put your thoughts down on paper

To stop your mind ticking over when you’re trying to sleep, why not keep a journal of your day. Before bed, fill this out with everything that happened, whether good or bad, and write down any worries, so they’re out of your mind.

Use scents

You could massage your neck, face and shoulders in a lovely scented lotion. Lavender is well-known for being used to improve sleep quality. Research has shown it is instrumental for slowing the heartbeat and relaxing muscles.

You can also invest in a scented pillow spray so you can breathe in the wonderful aromas as you nod off.

If you or a loved-one has dementia, you can read out tips for people with Dementia to get a good night’s sleep here.