Gardening during a pandemic – jobs for June

As part of our gardening series and to get people into the garden during these uncertain times, we’re bringing you our top jobs to do in June.


There’s lots to be getting on with and the weather has been very favourable recently too. We would advise wearing sunscreen if you’re going to be in the garden for long periods of time.

  • This month you can start earthing up late potatoes and thinning rows of vegetable crops when they become too overcrowded
  • Now is the time to propagate strawberries from unwanted runners. You can place straw or black polythene underneath strawberries to protect them from mud and slugs
  • Begin summer pruning of any apples and pear trees
  • Don’t forget to keep weeding and watering where necessary
  • You should be cutting back early flowering herbaceous plants now in order to produce a late crop of flowers
  • Cover any ripening fruit with netting to help protect them from birds
  • If there is a lot of sunshine, try to shade and ventilate your greenhouse. Also, water any plants inside it more frequently
  • If planted early, tie in sweet peas
  • Continue to spray roses to control black spot and mildew, try to do this in the evening to avoid harming bees
  • Dry weather can reduce the amount of food available for birds and hedgehogs, keep water bowls topped up and provide extra food.

Now that garden centres have re-opened in Wales, you will be able to get everything you need for the upcoming seasons. Please follow the social distancing rules in place.

If you can’t make it out, many are still offering delivery services in their local areas. You can find your local garden centre here.

It’s still not too late to start gardening, however big or small your space is. You can follow all our handy hints and tips here.