Gardening during a pandemic – saving and re-using water

If you’ve found a new love for gardening during the pandemic, it doesn’t have to stop as restrictions continue to lift.


Ensuring all your plants get enough water is a big job and we should all be conscious of our water usage in the home. We’ve put together some top tips on how you can save and re-use water, which will not only help maintain moisture levels in the soil, it will help keep water bills down too.

  • Control how much water you use by fitting a nozzle onto your garden hosepipe
  • Save your dishwater or the water you use for washing vegetables for your plants. Make sure it has cooled first and contains no chemicals. You shouldn’t use it on plants you intend to eat. You can also save the water you use to boil vegetables in, just let it cool before using
  • Invest in a garden water butt, which collects rainwater for you to use on your plants
  • To save on watering, choose plants that like dry conditions such as grasses, herbs and succulents
  • It’s best to water your garden in the morning, before temperatures begin to rise, when the winds are lower and when there is less evaporation. This gives plants a good supply for the day
  • Use mulch as a protective layer on the soil surface. Up to 70% of water can evaporate from soil on a hot day. Using mulch prevents evaporation, suppresses water-thieving weeds and adds vital nutrients to the soil.

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Garden centres have re-opened in Wales and they have plants and products for the upcoming seasons. Please follow the social distancing rules in place. You can find your local garden centre here.

It’s still not too late to start gardening, however big or small your space is. You can follow all our handy hints and tips here.