Top tips for a socially-distanced picnic

July is National Picnic Month and with Coronavirus restrictions slowly lifting, we’re currently allowed to enjoy time with members of one other household outside, at a distance.


If you or a loved-one are mobile enough and feeling up to it, a picnic is a great way to make memories together.

Spending time somewhere that isn’t your own garden will do wonders for your mood. You should also remember to wear sun cream if you’re outside in the sun and stay hydrated.

Bring your own blanket

In order to stay socially distanced, it’s a good idea to take your own blanket to sit on. You could also take a deckchair or camping chair.

No sharing

This is the one time in our lives where sharing isn’t caring. Sharing food, drinks or cutlery increases the risk of germs passing from person to person, so bring your own and keep it all to yourself.

Find an open area

We are still maintaining social distancing from the general public, so have your picnic in a wide, open space, away from others. You could consider going to a public park or beach at an off-peak time, so it’s not too crowded.

Keep hands clean

Take hand sanitiser and wipes with you. Clean your hands before and after the picnic and make sure utensils, cups, plates are cleaned.

Clean up after yourselves

Be responsible for your mess and take all rubbish and leftover food home with you. Don’t take rubbish from others in your picnic group, everyone should be responsible for their own.