Care is job for life in Wales

Care roles represent jobs for life in economically uncertain times and with the threat of a recession following in the aftermath of COVID-19 (July, 2020).


According to experts, unemployment figures will continue to rise with the young and those who work for non-essential retailers and in tourism, catering and hospitality potentially suffering the most.

There are jobs in care for those who are people-focused and we’ve already seen some transfer their skills to us from various shops, tourist attractions and, also, professions like hairdressing and beauty therapy.

Prior to the lockdown, most High Street retailers were already reporting poor sales from their stores and we saw lots of big names close down. Now, as we start to tentatively emerge from the coronavirus and navigate the ‘new normal’, many chains are saying they will be reducing the number of shops they have and cutting back on their workforces.

People who work in hospitality, tourism and catering are also now worried for their positions, as furlough schemes taper off this summer into autumn and restrictions mean customer numbers will be much lower. These are worrying times for anyone who works in a customer-facing role, as the nation’s shopping and leisure habits are likely to change dramatically in the coming months.

Some brands have already announced cuts and closures, so it’s now more important than ever to ensure people are aware of the roles we have available in the care sector. Upper Crust and Cafe Ritazza have recently announced they are axing jobs, as well as the Broughton Airbus factory in Flintshire and Café Rouge and Bella Italia restaurant chains have fallen into administration. Anyone who has been in a customer-facing role with these organisations will be able to transfer their skills to care.

The demand for carers in Wales will not fall and our profession represents one of the few jobs for life left in the country. As a nation we have an ageing population that wishes to remain living at home and, that the authorities realise, are emotionally and physically better off at home. This means the care sector is rapidly expanding, as people need care in their old age, so there will always be jobs available in home care.

We hope after the publicity of carers during the COVID-19 pandemic, people now have a better understanding of care and see it as a highly skilled, professional, vocational occupation that is essential to the fabric of our society. Carers deserve admiration and respect. With a job for life like this, people can start at the very bottom and work their way up and we will offer them full training and access to industry-leading qualifications.

Anyone interested in joining us should contact their local branch and details of these can be found here. You can also find out more information about job vacancies at