Creating a happy space at home

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home recently. If you or an older loved-one are becoming fed up of the same four walls and the same furniture, it’s time to create a ‘happy space’ where you can escape.

Happy space

This should be somewhere that isn’t chaotic or filled with clutter. A bedroom makes a great calm space, or alternatively, a garden or spare room.

Keep it cosy

Accessorise your space with comfy cushions, maybe a chair, some blankets and some plants. Houseplants can help you to de-stress, detox and they can filter out chemicals from the atmosphere. Here’s a helpful guide on caring for houseplants.

If your happy space is the garden, you can surround a seating area with beautiful, scented flowers and maybe a relaxing water feature.

Make use of natural light

A bright, light space is great for your mental health. You want to go into your happy space and instantly feel a boost. Maximise natural light by strategically placing large mirrors. If you can, paint it a calming colour too.

Get rid of clutter

A tidy, uncluttered room can help you keep an uncluttered headspace. It will really help you to relax and unwind. Have a good de-clutter in your new happy space and invest in some storage solutions.

If you have any items that have not been used within the past six to 12 months, then it may be time to recycle them, sell them or pass them on to charity.

If you need some top tips on de-cluttering, check out our blog on the topic here.