Gardening jobs to do in August

August is a great month to get outside and do some gardening. Hopefully, the Great British weather will be on our side and we can enjoy lots of glorious time in our outside spaces.


If you’ve recently taken up gardening during the lockdown and are still relatively new to it, we’ve put together some helpful tips on what jobs you can be doing this month.

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August gardening jobs:

  • Now is the time to be deadheading flowers such as dahlias to encourage more blooms – you should also be deadheading hanging baskets to encourage new flowers
  • Trim lavender plants once they’ve flowered to help maintain their bushy shape, but be careful to avoid cutting into old wood
  • Now is the time to cut the runners on any strawberry plants and plant them up for next year
  • Pop some netting or fleece over blackberries and raspberries to protect them from birds
  • You can plant cold-stored potato tubers now in time for harvesting at Christmas
  • Remove the lower leaves on your tomato plants to allow more light and air to reach the fruits
  • Collect seeds and ripe seed pods from your favourite flowers and vegetables ready for sowing next year
  • Keep watering regularly, especially with any hot weather forecast. It’s best to water in the early morning or evening, when it’s cooler.

Don’t forget, garden centres are open again. You can find your local centre here, but please adhere to all social distancing rules when visiting.