Tips to keep an elderly loved-one’s fridge organised

If you have an elderly loved-one living alone, you want to be reassured that they’re eating properly, so it’s important to make sure their fridge is well stocked and organised.


Stocking up and organisation

Ideally your loved-one should have a good mix of fresh and long-life items. Fruit, meat and eggs are great fresh diet staples. You can also have some backups in the cupboard of canned goods.

Like anyone’s fridge, it should be organised with raw meats, poultry and fish on the bottom shelf, ideally in sealed containers. Dairy products and cooked meats should be higher up and covered, to avoid contamination.

Keep the fridge at 5ºC or below and space items apart, so cool air can circulate.


Drinks are also a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet. Milk is a mainstay for any diet, so make this is in good supply for drinks and cooking if they are able to have and like dairy products. It might be an idea to sign them up to a milk delivery service to make sure they always have what they need.

If you’re worried about milk not being used and going off, try them with smaller cartons and bottles. You can even switch to long life milk or even almond milk if they would prefer a non-dairy option.

Fruit juice is another good fridge staple as it lasts longer. A small glass of juice with breakfast, can help boost your loved-ones daily intake of vitamins too.


You could use coloured storage containers or labels to remind your loved-one what foods need cooking and what’s already been cooked. Labels are also useful for people with dementia and they can have dates written on them, so the person knows what needs using up.

Make sure labels are bold and clear.

Once you have sorted their fridge, don’t forget to check out our top freezer hacks blog post here. This will allow your loved-one to get the most from their freezer and save time and money in the process.