Celebrate the elderly on Silver Sunday

We’re encouraging people in Wales to celebrate the older generation on Silver Sunday next month (October 4, 2020) in a bid to combat loneliness.

Silver Sunday

It’s important that elderly folk feel valued all year round. We’re asking people to spend more socially distanced quality time with older friends, family or neighbours.

At significant times of the year, we urge people to consider spending more time with their loved-ones. However, this hasn’t been possible so far this year. Silver Sunday is the perfect opportunity for anyone out there who might not have seen their elderly family members, friends or neighbours in a little while, to make the effort to see or speak to them specifically on this day.

It could be a small gesture of showing up on their doorstep for a socially distanced natter or bringing them a care package of essentials. It could even be something simple like a phone or video call. If they are within your social bubble, then why not opt to go for a walk in a local park if they are able to do so?

Silver Sunday launch

Silver Sunday was launched in 2012 by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation and Westminster City Councillor Christabel Flight. It was launched after a report discovered more than a third of people over 75 said they were lonely.

The aim then was to celebrate older residents. To also recognise their contribution to their communities and help them get out and about to meet new people.

In 2012 more than 2,000 people took part in 19 events in Westminster alone. The scheme has grown each year since. In 2018, there were more than 1,000 events attended by around 50,000 older people. These varied from walking football, art classes, tea parties, dances, tai chi, boat rides and cultural experiences.

Now the aim is to create a day in the nation’s hearts where older people feel valued. Where they are given new opportunities to get out of the house. It’s important to keep their minds and bodies active, learn new skills, make new friends and connect with the communities and generations around them.

The number of people aged 50 plus experiencing loneliness is set to reach two million by 2025/26 according to the Campaign to End Loneliness. There are currently 1.2 million chronically lonely older people in the UK.

Obviously, the current pandemic means going into people’s homes and being physically close to them may be difficult. This is adding to the feelings of loneliness people are already experiencing. Loneliness is currently an epidemic across England and Wales.

Days like Silver Sunday can really help. We can guarantee that whatever you do with an older person, will really brighten up their day.