We’re part of WeCare Wales campaign to fill social care vacancies

We have joined a growing list of care providers coming together to help fill hundreds of social care vacancies as part of the WeCare Wales campaign.

WeCare Wales

The social care sector is under increasing pressure from an ageing population, and the current pandemic, to provide care to vulnerable individuals across the country.

This is why we’re thrilled to be part of the WeCare Wales campaign, run by Social Care Wales. It works with employers to share all available job vacancies. We know how hard it can be to find vacancies. To have them all on one website is handy for jobseekers.

There are currently thousands of people in the hospitality, leisure and retail industries who are facing unemployment. We are urging them to consider transferring their skills to a long-term role in the care industry.

We are listed as one of the social care employers that people interested in the industry can find out more about on www.wecare.wales so they can potentially join its team.

The campaign

The campaign is a collaboration with Social Care Wales and leading social care, early years and childcare organisations. Other job-seeking and careers advice national bodies are also included.

It is part of a long-term strategy to develop the workforces in the care and health sectors over the next decade. It aims to provide a high-quality, seamless service to the people of Wales.

The campaign highlights the breadth of career opportunities in care. These can be from childminders and nursery practitioners to home care co-ordinators and care home managers.

The WeCare campaign aims to show the variety of roles and career progression opportunities available. It focuses on the challenges they face and what makes their work rewarding and worthwhile.

Anyone interested in a position with us, can visit www.wecare.wales or find out about our care jobs here.