Reading can be good for your health

Reading is a fantastic hobby for people who are getting older. It can improve memory, reduce stress, improve sleep and delay cognitive decline.


It can also transport you to different worlds in your imagination and will help you pass the hours by.

Plus it’s a great distraction for many, as we’re all spending more time at home now.

Protects cognitive health

Reading gives the brain a great workout and you don’t even have to move to do it! Picking up a book every day means the reader is constantly learning new things. This might be discovering new characters or learning about a city or a country where a story takes place. Whether fact or fiction, this increase in knowledge is good for the brain.

Improves memory

All this new learning improves memory over time due to the need to recall the details of a story. This is ideal for people who no longer work and are prone to slipping into a routine where they don’t need to focus and concentrate regularly anymore.

Helps concentration

If you’re absorbed in a good book, you might not notice time flying by. Reading helps older people to maintain the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time too

Reduces stress

A good book can help the reader forget about their worries for some time. Stress has a negative impact on us physically and mentally, so being able to focus on something else, really helps.

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