Take extra care of elderly when clocks change

We are urging people to take extra care of their elderly relatives and neighbours when the clocks go back an hour at the end of this month (October 2020).


From October 25 the evenings will get darker earlier, which could impact on the well-being of older people.

Through visiting our service users, we know that many elderly people are affected by the darker evenings and cooler weather. We thought it was important to pass on our insider knowledge to ensure that people check on any older neighbours, friends or relatives more often in the winter months.

This is especially important as many have been unable to get out as much as normal due to the Coronavirus this year. They will be feeling isolated and lonely already before the clocks change, so extra vigilance is needed this winter.

The darkness and bad weather can limit the time elderly people can get out and about to run errands or socialise, if they can get out at all. So, it’s a good idea if you have formed a bubble with them, to pop in a few times extra during a normal week to see if there’s anything they need. If you aren’t in their bubble you could also call them more often and visit them using the current safe social distance measures in place. Please make sure you consultant local rules at the time of your visit to ensure you’re complying with these.

It’s also a good idea to make sure they are warm and have plenty of additional blankets to hand and are wearing layers of clothing, should they need it. Sometimes a friendly face at the window or on the doorstep, at a safe distance, is all that someone needs, but please do adhere to all the safe social distancing measures in place. If you’re in the same bubble, simply just popping in to say ‘hello’ and to enjoy a cuppa and a natter is perfect.

We are continuously working to eradicate social isolation. We believe providing emotional care is just as important as the physical. We are doing our upmost to make sure our service users don’t feel lonely or isolated. This is especially important in the current COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the winter months.

We hope people all across the county will take it on board our tips. We hope they will take some time out of their day or week to ensure anyone they know who is older and less able is well looked after in these darker months before Christmas.