How our carers are protecting the NHS

Our work in the communities we serve across Wales is essential and protects those who need care at home, as well as the NHS.


By having carers visit them on a daily basis, our service users are shielded from the coronavirus, helping to alleviate additional pressure on hospitals.

It is a blessing for many elderly and vulnerable people to be able to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. They can take their prescribed medications with our assistance and have their physical and emotion well-being looked after every day.

The NHS has been under considerable strain this year at the height of the pandemic. Unfortunately, all signs point to history repeating itself again this autumn/winter.

Autumn and winter are our busiest times of the year. This year, we have the added pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. As the weather turns, our elderly and vulnerable service users are at a heightened risk of illness. There is also more chance of them falling or tripping at home. Loneliness or depression is also heightened due to the darker evenings.

If they weren’t able to stay safely home in our care, our service users would be visiting GPs and local hospitals more often. More visits outside the home would raise the risk of passing on or contracting illnesses, such as coronavirus.

Become a care worker and protect the NHS

Our carers are key workers and it was fantastic to see people in their communities clapping for them every Thursday evening. We advocate and clap for them always and think they all do a tremendous job.

Care is a job for life and if you’re interested in helping out in your community, find out about our job vacancies here.

If you’ve previously had a customer-facing role, then you’ll have transferrable skills. We can give you full, professional training too. You will be doing invaluable work supporting those most in need, while, also, protecting the NHS.