Remember, remember the elderly on the fifth of November

Anyone planning their own home-based garden Bonfire Night firework displays this November are being urged to remember the elderly and vulnerable in their area.

Elderly fireworks

We’re asking people to inform any older neighbours in their community of potential displays being hosted in gardens nearby.

We understand this year has been a difficult one for many people and they might want to let off some steam with a socially distanced fireworks display in their back gardens.

There is nothing wrong with them doing this. We’re not anti-fun, far from it, but we are asking them to please pre-warn any elderly or vulnerable neighbours in their area. Bonfire Night, and all that comes with it, can be a particularly frightening time for them.

The public displays that would usually take place won’t be going ahead in their usual format this year due to the current pandemic and associated rules on gatherings, so we expect more people will be taking to their back gardens to have their own mini events with family members in their bubbles. This will mean more noise and flashing lights at a closer proximity, potentially, to those who may find them frightening, especially people with dementia.

We will be making sure all of our service users are reassured on the night, but wanted to spread the word, so others can check on any older friends, relatives or neighbours they might have.

It’s a good idea to choose a suitable time to let your fireworks off or light your bonfires, please avoid loud noise after 11pm. Fireworks should be let off in an open space as the sound can bounce off buildings and enclosed areas, frightening elderly people. We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but fireworks are explosives and can be very dangerous, so do need to be handled with care.