The benefits of on-the-job training

Working in care has great benefits and, with us, you can get paid to undergo training in the care industry.


New recruits can undertake training in the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) at level two and progress to level three as well as take on on-the-job training.

We offer QCF level two training as standard to all our staff members. They also have the opportunity to progress to level three and above if they wish.

At levels two and three they will undertake on-the-job training. This includes shadowing an already qualified carer as they go about their daily routes caring for our service users.

Shadow training is something that many of our carers enjoy the most. It allows them to get out there in the field and really get a feel for the job.

It allows new trainees to ask any questions they might have, including regarding correct procedures. They’ll be able to see how various tasks are carried out. They’ll also be able to have a go at them themselves under supervision.

It also allows them to chat to an experienced carer or manager about any queries they might have. They’ll be able to get a bit more of an insight into it from someone who has been there themselves. This is extremely reassuring for them.

What our carers think of the training

One of our carers, who is undergoing training, said: “I am really enjoying my QCF training and am learning lots every day. I have been able to undertake various tasks myself as well as shadow another carer to see how certain things are done.

“I have felt extremely comfortable asking any questions I’ve had and have found the extra insight into the industry to be very helpful. This is definitely something I want to do on a long-term basis and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a career.”

We’re urging anyone thinking of changing their job, or getting back into the work force again, to get in touch.

We provide all our staff full paid training. They also have additional, on the job support from a local team 24/7. We give free uniforms and a national staff discount scheme for all major brands. You can find out more about our vacancies here.