Chance for new parents to get back to work

We appreciate that it’s not easy for parents returning to work after having children. We are setting up a returners’ programme for mums and dads to help normalise the hiring of those returning to work after having children.


Lots of candidates for the roles we have to offer do not feel confident enough to apply for our jobs. There are potentially thousands, of people in Wales wishing to return to work after bringing their children up who would not normally contact us about our vacancies. This is because they are worried about the process of applying and how they will be viewed.

We’re hoping that by having a specific, returners’ programme they will be encouraged to apply. Anyone who has taken time out can lack confidence. They haven’t been in a work environment often for several years. They are also concerned with how their CV will be perceived if they have career gaps, as well as other issues relating to childcare arrangements and flexible working.

As well as providing continuous care to our service users, we also always make sure our staff are looked after. As part of our returners’ programme, we’re offering the opportunity for people to take on weekend or evening work.

Weekends and evenings are our busiest times, and these hours could be ideal for parents too. Our hours can fit around their childcare, as we are able to be very flexible.

Anyone interested in joining us should get in touch.