Wrapping up warm this winter

We’ve lots of advice here on our blog for the elderly to keep warm in their homes during winter. But what about when they want to venture out?


Even in winter it’s still important to go outside and do some walking. It’s great for your mental health and a dose of vitamin D, even if the sun is hiding, helps our immune systems.

We encourage our service users to be as independent as possible, so getting outside is important. We would advise anyone to adhere to social distancing rules and stick to open spaces. Also, avoid walking when it is icy due to the risk of falling.


People will often wrap up the rest of their bodies from the cold and forget about their head. The head is a top spot for heat loss, so pop on a woolly hat, the brighter and more colourful, the better!

Scarves and neck warmers

Thick, woolly scarves and neck warmers are perfect for facing a bracing chill. There is also a great range of fleecy lined neck warmers and snoods available out there too, which will keep you equally as toasty.

Thinner fabric scarves and neck warmers can also be worn indoors.

Lots of layers in winter

It’s a good idea to layer up thinner layers rather than just popping on one item of thick clothing. Think thermals under t shirts under jumpers or cardigans. You can even double up on socks.

Finish off your outfit with a big winter coat.


Gloves are a staple of winter clothing, and again, the brighter and more colourful, the better.

A good alternative is pocket warmers, which can be heated up and popped in coat pockets to keep your hands toasty.