Create a package of goodies for the elderly

In the spirit of Christmas and being neighbourly, why not put together a care package for an elderly person this winter?

Care package

The rain, harsh winds and even snow and ice at this time of year can make it increasingly difficult for the elderly and vulnerable to get out of the house. This impacts on the errands they need to run and any shopping they need to get. The Coronavirus pandemic has also hindered a lot of people’s independence. Many are too worried about going out too often.

If you know someone without friends or family living nearby, they may go days, even weeks with no contact from anyone.

A kind gesture, such as a care package, shows you care and ensures they have everything they need.

Creating your care package

We’ve put together a few ideas for items you can include in a care package.

Please remember to adhere to social distancing measures when delivering your care package and make sure any items, that can be, are sanitised.

  • Book of puzzles/crosswords – to keep their mind busy
  • Reading book – another way to keep the mind busy by losing themselves in a good book
  • Hat/scarf/blanket/hot water bottle – to keep them warm
  • Notebook/paper and pens – so they can jot down notes or draw
  • Toiletries – washing items, soap, disposable razor, deodorants, lip balm, moisturiser, shampoo
  • Snacks – why not bake at home or go for shop bought treats, try to include some fruit too!
  • First aid items – cough sweets, plasters, tissues, cold remedies
  • Handwritten note or card – just a little note to say ‘hello’ and brighten up their day.

If you would like to help our service users with care packages, then why not get involved in our shoebox appeal? We are accepting donations of shoeboxes full of goodies for the elderly and will distribute them evenly among our service users. Read more here.