Care jobs for out of work over-50s

Recent research revealed the number of over-50s out of work increased by 33% in 2020 with 371,000 people unemployed in July to September, compared with 280,000 in 2019.


It is widely thought that young people have been the most affected by the pandemic. This is due to mass redundancies in sectors such as hospitality, leisure and retail. However, it has been less well documented that the over-50s have seen a bigger rise in unemployment.

The analysis of Office for National Statistics data was conducted by Rest Less, a jobs board and careers advice website for the over-50s.

Previous research has shown that once the over-50s are unemployed, they are significantly more likely to remain that way than their younger peers.

Work with us

We fully appreciate the value that workers over the age of 50 bring, including career and general life experience. We understand that many of them are looking for more flexible work to fit around their lifestyles. This is why we welcome the more mature worker and believe care is a great career option for them. We have many care staff members who are over the age of 50.

Here we treat all our carers and office staff the same, whatever their age. As long as your kind, committed and caring, you’ll fit right in. We can provide flexible working hours to fit around your lifestyle. So, if you need to look after grandchildren or just want to work a minimum amount of hours per-week, that’s no problem.

You’re also never too old to learn. We offer free, full training, which includes a company induction, dementia awareness, enablement, first aid, health and safety, food safety, infection control, medication, person centred care and moving and handling service users. For anyone who is committed and passionate about care, we also offer the opportunity to undertake qualifications too.

Anyone interested should contact their nearest branch and details of these can be found here.