Donate to charity with old stamps

If you’re a keen letter writer, you might have lots of old stamps lying around. Or you may be the lucky recipient of lots of Christmas cards this year and aren’t sure what to do with the stamps.


You could spread a little festive cheer by donating used stamps to charities where they will be turned into donations.

Stamps are being sold by weight, so charities can turn old ones into much needed funds to help with their work.

All you have to do is cut a used stamp from an envelope, leaving approximately 1cm of border around the stamp and post it to your chosen charity. They can even use the stamp you use too!

This is a great way to do your bit this year during what has been a very difficult year for charities. Many have been unable to do a lot of their fundraising activities due to the pandemic.

Check out your chosen charities’ website for information on where to send your stamps. Most will accept new or used, first or second-class stamps and even foreign stamps and special edition stamps.

Some charities that are currently accepting stamps include:

We’re big supporters of many charities and you can read about some of our past charity work and fundraising here.