Kick off 2021 with a new career in care

We’re encouraging people from Wales to kick off their New Year with a brand new career in the care industry.

new career

There is no better time to take on a new career and there are many opportunities for career progression where people could potentially land themselves a job for life.

We’ve all been hit hard by the pandemic in 2020 and many people have become aware of how unstable their current job might be or they might have been made redundant already, so what better way to start a brand new year than with a new job in an industry where a job is for life.

No matter what industry you have previously worked in, we can train you up for care work. Many people don’t realise that a lot of the skills they master in other industries, such as retail, can be transferred into care. For example, people who previously worked in retail have excellent customer service skills and know how to treat customers with respect. They are super helpful and friendly, and these are just some of the skills that our carers need when visiting our service user’s homes. Being trustworthy, organised, punctual, reliable and being able to undertake admin tasks are also some great skills that are transferrable between industries.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for someone who fancies a bit of a change. Being a carer is an extremely rewarding job and you get to meet lots of wonderful people too.

We’re supporting our colleagues in the NHS wholeheartedly, as we do on a daily basis already, by providing invaluable care for those who need it at home.

By maintaining their health at home, we’re helping keep them safe. We’re ensuring they take their prescribed medication and we’re caring for their physical and emotional well-being every day. All this helps prevent adding additional pressure on the NHS and its resources, which we know will be under considerable strain in the coming months.

New recruits are given free uniforms, access to national staff discount scheme for all major brands as well as 28 days paid holiday, paid travel between calls and paid mileage.

Anyone interested should contact their nearest branch and details of these can be found here.